The Shadow Empire

The Shields of Boowick

Hired to evict the mercenary company, Shields of Boowick

Eelin the wine merchant gave us a tip that a barrister by the name of Isles was looking for mercenaries to evict a mercenary company from a property in the Darkmoor Marsh, belonging to Imroden Mintheath. They had leased the estate some time ago but had since taken to pillaging the neighbouring farmsteads and been given an eviction notice. Rather, the owner of the property had tried to give such a notice but the mercenaries had proved uncooperative. This placed the noble in a bind as the city guard does not enforce evictions outside the the city proper.

We considered our options and came to the conclusion that this could be a good first step towards infiltrating the aristocratic society of Miradoun. We decided to hire a bit of muscle and take on the assignment and hope to bargain any good will garnered for some introductions further up the social pecking order. The ultimate goal of this is to earn the favour of a noble with enough clout to grant us access to the city’s records. Also, any undermining of the military’s power over the city would be desirable.

The eviction was a bloody affair, leaving 20 dead. Fortunately none of our party suffered any permanent damage, though Gregorian ‘Cupcake’ Stone has an impressive collection of scars to mark the occasion. He claims that it only makes him more handsome, though I wonder where he will find women that agree.

-From the memoirs of Erik Mariner



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